On Bristol Palin's "Big News"

(Note: This is an extended version of a Facebook post I made last night.)

Dear Bristol Palin,

I understand that you don't want any lectures or sympathy over your announcement of your second out-of-wedlock pregnancy, but let's be serious about this fact: You set yourself up for this, big time.

You've made a practical career as an "Abstinence Ambassador", telling teenagers to absolutely not have sex(especially sex with any form of contraception) until their wedding night. And yet, you've betrayed your own preaching... twice(at least). You don't want any lectures? Okay. But don't expect anyone to take your lectures seriously anymore, because what good is the Christian principle you preach when even *you*, a very committed Christian, can't adhere to it? Even teenagers can smell the BS in that.

Don't get me wrong: Anybody who can genuinely adhere to abstinence before marriage deserves my respect. Abstinence does work, but realistically people will tend to not stick with it because it demands going against natural human behavior(as you certainly can relate firsthand). Comprehensive sex education recognizes that reality and offers contraception in various forms as an acceptable and practical alternative. There's nothing "sinful" about facing the realities about sex honestly, frankly, and responsibly like an adult.

Let me offer this advice: Stop lying to yourself and your audiences about sex. You didn't have sex out of "weakness" or "sin", but out of the very human need to physically express love with the person you chose as a partner. That's not a sin at all. You don't have to apologize for it. You don't have to "ask God for forgiveness", nor do you have to have anybody's approval of it. You're an adult woman, Bristol. Own it, with honesty. Otherwise, you'll become the newest face for the argument in favor of comprehensive sex education(if you haven't already).

Nevertheless, congrats on going to become a mother again. Nothing but health and happiness to you, your family and the father of the child(whoever he turns out to be).


Tony Agudo

Update 6/28/2015: It seems now I stand somewhat corrected about Bristol Palin's hypocrisy. See this Facebook status update for details.


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