The Official Atheist Response to Carrie Underwood's New Song

Earlier today, I noticed a specific story popping up on my Facebook feed. The article is titled "Carrie Underwood's Brand New Song Is Making Atheists MAD AS HELL!". I was intrigued because I've heard Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take The Wheel" song and found nothing even remotely offensive to me. Then I heard her newest song "Something In The Water" via the article, and again I found her song totally inoffensive. I'm certainly not mad or angry. Maybe I'm in a minority amongst non-believers?

So I did a little digging around to see what fellow heathens think, since the article(nor any of the other right-wing and Christian news sites that picked it up) didn't actually point to a single instance of atheist outrage. Ed Brayton of Freethought Blogs chimed on Facebook: "I so love being told what I'm outraged about. I can't imagine how I could possibly get outraged about a song I've never heard and almost certainly never will. That would require giving a shit in the first place what Carrie Underwood -- or anyone else, for that matter -- sings about."

A little dismissive, admittedly, but clearly not offended or angry over it. Unfortunately, I could not find any other article in the "atheo-sphere" that remotely resembles outrage. What I did find in the comments to Ed's post and in the articles by atheists, is mostly a reaction of "meh" and similar bewilderment over how Underwood's song could somehow be offensive to them.

So, while I cannot in all honesty claim that the following is a unanimous response from the atheist community, nor can I attempt to claim myself as a representative of it, I can say the following seems to be a loosely general consensus on Miss Underwood's song:
Really, we just don't.
Seriously, this rates even less than the internet hoax spun a couple years ago that Koran-burning preacher Terry Jones wanted to burn copies of "The God Delusion". Nobody gives a hot shit. The only thing that could remotely be construed as offensive here is Miss Underwood's publicist those douchebag conservative bloggers manufacturing such a cheap click-bait campaign to drum up interest in the song. I would expect such cheapness from the political arena, but not in the music industry.


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