A clarification and addendum on "Nailed To The Plus"

My last post had talked about Matt Dillahunty's recent falling out with the Atheism+ forum. While I did get some of the essential facts right, there were a few inaccuracies and potential points of confusion I had made in the heat of writing the post.

First, on describing Matt's creating the two accounts, folks may get confused and think Matt created both at the same time. That's false. The "Matt Dillahunty" account was created when the forum first came up. The "Curious" account got created just after ban of "skep tickle", which apparently made the mods think "Curious" was skep tickle. However, it still doesn't excuse the bad faith behavior on the mods to treat a new user like that, even if the creation time of the account was suspect.

Second, the post that got deleted wasn't intentionally deleted, but rather not approved. But still, it got deleted as a result of the approval denial process.

Third, I may have gone a bit overboard on the rhetoric. Like the "batshit crazy" quip, for example. I should have said "The other day, Matt Dillahunty(who is the host of the show The Atheist Experience) had done a social experiment in an attempt to prove that the Atheism+ folks weren't as hostile as all of the critics claim they are to new users." Again, I made the post in the heat of things. I'll try to tone the rhetoric down going forward.

And also, the mods didn't "flip" so much as I described them to be. They were somewhat apologetic, but they staunchly maintained that Matt broke the "No sockpuppeting" rule and proceeded to permanently ban him, while actually acknowledging specific process problems he exposed and took steps to resolve them. But instead of thanking him for pointing them out, they now claim he "caused harm to the community" and demand an apology if he wants to return to the forum. So, I'll leave his response to that and this as my final word(in jest) for now on "Dillahunty-gate": Matt got "Nailed to the Plus", but then...
P.S. - If there's anything else I failed to clarify or correct, feel free to drop a comment.


  1. Posts have to be approved before they appear on the forum? What kind of control freaks run that place?


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