In which the Democrats fail to follow basic voting rules

Yesterday, The Democratic National Convention did something horribly egregious. They forced a platform resolution via a 2/3rds majority voice vote, despite at least 1/2 of convention's delegates clearly saying "No", which should have denied the resolution from passing. The resolution in question? Reinstating "God" in the platform and "recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel". When the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villariagosa, realized that a 2/3rds majority was not reached for passing, he called for a second try. Again, there was at least 50% of the delegation against the resolution.  Then, in an awkward moment of realization that the resolution didn't get enough "Aye"'s again, Mr. Villariagosa looked around to figure out what to do. A lady went up to him and said "You gotta rule, and then let them do what they're gonna do". Apparently Mr. Villariagosa took it to mean "Ignore the now-obvious majority in the negative", because after a third and final vote(again failing a 2/3rds majority in the affirmative), he declared the resolution passed and the platform amended.

As an atheist, my feelings on this are at once hopeful, because it is now apparent there is a sizeable opposition to religious pandering within the Democratic Party, and angry because the higher-ups chose to immediately trash an instance of one of the most basic practices of democracy(voting) when the vote does not go the  expected way. This actually makes the recent RNC debacle of having the nomination vote results appear on a teleprompter before the actual results came in a minor gaffe in comparison.

As a result of this thuggish trashing of a democratic process, one young delegate immediately walked out of the convention, and announced he was quitting the Democratic Party and joining the Occupy movement. I don't blame him at all.


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