Glenn Beck thinks America "worships Baal"

This came up in a friend's Facebook feed, and I find this too delicious to pass up: Apocalyptic fear monger Glenn Beck(the man behind the awful site, and who thought the Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown at Fukushima was "Biblical prophecy") and David Barton(an accomplished historical liar for Jesus) together on a Christian television show along with some other kooky panelists.

What makes this extremely laughable is that Beck declares that America is "in bed with absolute evil", referring to the increasing secularization of American society(a good thing, IMO) and his contention that we're all "unconsciously worshiping Baal". And not only does not a single person call out such bullshit, but they pile on with more tripe such as comparing the relatively non-existent threat of Islamic imposition on the United States with the Biblical tale of Jeremiah and the Babylonian captivity. And of course they say the "solution" isn't better security via law enforcement, military or diplomatic means driven by reason and rationality, it's dropping everything and going back to hysterical Bronze Age ideals(what they refer to as "getting back to God") that would make us no different than the theocratic Islamic states they rage against. And that is a nightmare that would make our Founding Fathers roll in their graves.


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